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Skating through school holidays…

Thank goodness the second week of school holidays are not like the first!  We went from hot to freezing cold and raining and now we’re somewhere in-between the two!  So were taking advantage where we can and getting outside.   Keita’s wares are from Gardner and the Gang.  

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Peeking through the neighbours fence…..

In summer, this garden is brimming with vines and all sorts of edible things.  I always admire it because it looks so plentiful packed into such a small space.  Today it looks like the owner has cleared out last seasons left overs and is getting ready for spring and then i’m guessing further on in the […]

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Baby photography sydney……

This is the start of your sweet little story the part where your page meets mine no matter where your tale takes you tomorrow our story will always read love   Email to book your newborn session today.

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Last ray’s of summer….

So much to say but not enough words/time to say it in so i’ll just let pictures do the talking for now…. Taken during some of our last moments of summer.  Missing it already ……

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