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Sunday morning………. Sydney lifestyle photographer

This is how we spend our sunday mornings.  It use to involve Jeremy making the pancakes but he has since taught Eljay his recipes (that he has perfected over 7 years!  He’s quite proud that it is now perfect and infallible) and he has since cooked pancakes 3 times and they turned out delish!  After this we eat them and rush off to church!

Processing: VSCO film

lifestyle photographer sydney


Josette - Can I come to your place next Sunday? This looks heavenly.

Amanda - Absolutely love every image – so glad you linked this on Little Muse Collective :-)

Amanda Jones - Love it all!

Family session shot on FILM! – Sydney Family Photographer

Two weeks ago I posted a preview of my gorgeous chubby wubby niece and her good looking parents on my facebook page.  The short impromptu session was shot solely on film!!  There is something about film….  You of course can’t see what your shooting at the time, then theres the agonizing wait to get your scans back, then they are ready in all their glory!  And they have that “look”.  I absolutely LOVE the look so if you think you would like to try a couple of rolls of film in your next session or even go the whole hog then let me know and we can arrange that for you!

And before I forget (it’s a couple of months overdue) but we have passed our one year anniversary of being back in Sydney, Australia and the name change from Clarissa Wikeepa Photography to Art of Joy Photography.  It has been an absolute pleasure meeting many new clients and I look forward to meeting many more!  With that said if facebook decides to cooperate with me I will be launching an offer sometime today to celebrate our Birthday!  If there is someone you think might be interested, then please pass it on:)

p.s photo number 7 is photo bombed by my dog, he just can’t help himself!


Lifestyle session…. Sydney » Art of Joy Photography Blog - [...] by this beautiful family before they returned to New Zealand.  You may recognise them from this post.  When they first arrived here in Australia, Peppa was just a baby (and a big one at that!) but [...]

Hi there……

So i’ve been a little quite lately on facebook and the (neglected) blog …… But on my side of the computer life is quite the opposite.  With hubby working away i’ve been pretty much a single mum.    Hat’s off to you real single mums!  I really don’t know how you do it.  Anyways I don’t want to whinge and complain, so remember when I said i’m almost booked out for the year?  Well if I have enough interest I will offer mini session somewhere in the first two weeks of November!!  Just drop me a line via email, comment on here/facebook and that will let me know.

And of course no blog post is complete without a photo.  Here is one of the recent wedding of Anneke and Mau. Shot in Hamilton, New Zealand.  And if you want to see more of this couples preview you will find them here.

wedding photographer sydney


Life is sweet…. Sydney family photographer

You may have seen some of these photos here before.  But as promised more from this lovely session and sweet family.  We had the most beautiful afternoon and it was such a pleasure to photograph this family.  Being a photographer is such a lovely job.    Being asked to photograph a family, observe them, spend a little time with them, see their emotions…. it really is special and i’m so grateful to all my clients that choose me to photograph them!