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A horse is a horse, of course, of course,

Some images I took back in September 15 that never made it on to the blog but that I just love!  There is a lot to blog from 2015 so that shall make an appearance in the not too distance future.  As for bookings I am taking on a total of 12 this year so if you would like to book in drop me an email to  Hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year with your loved ones.



My cheeky Noah…


My boy your are so cheeky!

Can say mama, dada, yaya (meant to be Lola), no, stop, don’t and just general baby babble.  Since these photos were taken you now say meeeee (copies the kids when they say meeee),  ba bye.  Point at planes when they go by and say bee (i guess that means plane).  You are so loving and shower me with and your brothers and sister with kisses.  Daddy if he’s lucky!  But you are so feisty and certainly can put up a fight and let me know when you are not happy!

A spare 10 minutes we snapped these photos in and about a minute after we were done you were asleep!!



Cute pi’s from G.Nancy !


Things I want to remember…

A few moments that I want to remember from September the 12th, 2015…

Jeremy teaching Keita how to skateboard for the first time

Keita actually wanting to learn how to skateboard for the first time

How Keita tries to carry Noah when he’s already over half the size and weight of her

The cute little relationship between them.  Keita adores him and is the loving big sister.  Noah adores her too but smacks and pinches her when she’s too much (don’t know where he learnt that).  How she forgives him straight away and just laughs and says “Noah”.





Peeking through the neighbours fence…..

In summer, this garden is brimming with vines and all sorts of edible things.  I always admire it because it looks so plentiful packed into such a small space.  Today it looks like the owner has cleared out last seasons left overs and is getting ready for spring and then i’m guessing further on in the year it will be packed full again so yesterday we had a look through the fence to see what they were planting.  The thing I love most about our impromptu photo session was when we can hear the rainbow lorikeets and then Keita spots them overhead and she is just so happy watching them… that childhood innocence… wonder and excitement over the simplest things.



Top and Skirt: Bobo Choses from Leo and Bella